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Sangamon Co
The family of Joseph A. Rudolph, born in Germany in 1851, immigrating to Sangamon County, Illinois in 1876. Dwayne Rudolph The Rudolph Family History  
Cecil Co,
Head of Elk
Michael Rudulph/Rudolph of Prussia born 1696 immigrated to Cecil County, MD. Ancestor of Lucretia Rudolph, wife of President Garfield. John Rudulph

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CD 15 #2803.
Andrew Co
Max Robert Rudolph, born in Soluthurn, Switzerland in 1863, immigrated to Andrew County, Missouri in 1882. Wood Rudolph
CD 3 #0032
CD 10 #2589
New York,
Ulster Co,
The descendants of Rheinhart Rudolph, born in Germany in 1826 and migrating to Denning, Ulster County, New York William P. McMonegal Rudolph and Keller Families
North Carolina Andrew Rudolph died between 1780 and 1785 in Burke, North Carolina. Andrew Rudolph probably came to America in 1753. He eventually settled in Orange, Surry and Burke County, NC. He was married before 1755. Descendants from this family migrated to Tennessee, where a large number settled, and on to Kentucky and Michigan, as well as to Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. They are the subject of the book The Rudolphs of Tennessee, by David M. Rudolph Robert J. Rudolph Ancestors of William Morrow Rudolph CD 3 #5133
CD 4 #2277
Allegheny Co, Natrona
The family of August Rudolph b. 1840, his wife Wilhelmina Schultz, and their children Emil, Minnie, Clara, Bertha, Tillie, Ann, Rose, John, Charles, Robert, Frank, and William of Natrona, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Colleen Rudolph

Delaware Co, Darby
John Rudulph born 1719, married Mary Bonsall and kept the Blue Anchor or John Rudolph Tavern from 1746 to 1769 in Darby, PA. Had children Jacob, Joseph, John, Ann and Hannah. John Rudolph was possibly one of the sons of Michael Rudulph of the Cecil County, Maryland immigration. At least three Revolutionary War veterans from this family None known

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Delaware Co,
Upper Darby
John and Judith Rudolph of Upper Darby, PA. Their son Thomas Rudolph, born in 1793, married Hannah Powell, born in 1789. This is my family. Bob Rudolph The Rudolph Genealogy Home Page None known
Johannes Rudolph and his wife Anna Appolinia had Johann b. 13 Jul 1757 and Anna Margreth b. 16 Sep 1746 None known

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The family of Christian Rudolph b. 1791 son of Christian Rudolph b. 1751 d. 1831 son of Johannes Rudolph of Rathaus, Ichenheim, Germany d. 1791 are documented in the book Rudolphs of Manayunk, PA who settled near the Schuylkill River near Philadelphia. Tobias A. Dorsey

Tobias Rudolph of Philadelphia and his only child John b. 4 Oct 1759 then having a child John b. 30 Nov 1791 None known

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Westmoreland Co.
Johannes Rudolph is first found in the land records of Westmoreland Co. PA in 1774 when 100 acres was surveyed in his name Betty Rudolph My Rudolph Ancestors
Virginia George Rudolph from Wurtemburg, Germany came to Virginia prior to 1780 and had five children. His descendants are the subject of the book The Rudolph Family of Virginia. None known

Germany Karl Rudolph of Switzerland, has traced his Rudolph ancestors of Germany back to 1807. The text of an email from him describing his grandfather's Rudolph genealogy research in Germany is available by clicking here. Karl Rudolph    

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